Blackjack Strategy

Counting cards is a very advanced strategy, and requires you to dig deep into your memory bank before hitting the win big casino! If you are able to do this, you can dramatically increase your chances of beating the dealer and in turn make tons of cash! Counting cards requires skill and thorough practice. Such strategies like Card Counting are used by professional players and should only be attempted by the most advanced players.

When counting cards you need topay attention to all cards which have already been played at your table, as these cards will not be dealt again before the decks are reshuffled. Card counting is based on research which shows that low cards in the deck improve chances of winning for the Dealer, while high cards in the deck improve chances of winning for the players. Once the deck is in your favor (that is, when the deck has many high value cards) you can dramatically improve your odds by increasing your wager and thus make more money.

Despite its complexity of card counting, you don’t have to remember every card that has been dealt. You need to keep track whether high or low cards are being dealt and this will therefore increase or decrease your chance of winning.